Recent Advances in Quantifying ChiralityN. Duncan-Gould12/09/08
Cortistatin A: A Strange Feeling of déjà vuR. Smith11/25/08
Atropisomeric 8, 8′-Biquinolyl Derivatives: Synthesis, Properties, and ApplicationsS. Milicevic11/18/08
Synthesis of 9,11-Secosterols Intermediates and moreR. Aav11/18/08
Ladderanes: Uses and SynthesisN. Anderson10/28/08
Studies on Heck and Suzuki Reactions Catalyzed by Palladium (0) and Wacker Type Oxidative Cyclization Catalyzed by Palladium (II)Z. Zhang10/21/08
Total Synthesis of Callipeltoside AA. Bailey09/23/08
Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Novel Reactivity and MechanismM. Burk08/12/08
Gold Activation of pi-Systems [Propargylic Esters] What Makes Gold Special Relativity Speaking L. Wolf07/29/08
The Mechanism of Rhenium Catalyzed Olefination of AldehydesN. Werner07/22/08
Enantioselective ProtonationT. Chang07/08/08
Biology as a Tool for Synthetic ChemistryN. Duncan-Gould06/24/08
Combinatorial Approaches in Homogeneous Catalysis Development: Case StudiesM. Xie06/17/08
Catalytic Carbonylative Ring Expansion of Epoxides and AziridinesA. Hoover06/10/08
Go With the Flow. . . Microfluidics and Microreactors: An Organic Chemist’s New Round Bottomed FlaskR. Smith05/13/08
Pyrrole-Imidazole AlkaloidsT. Wilson04/29/08
Alois Fürstner: Applying Organometallic Chemistry in Total SynthesisC. Regens04/22/08
Theory and Design of Mobius MoleculesW. Collins04/08/08
The 5 W’s of Chiral Dienes as Ligands for Asymmetric CatalysisC. Butler03/25/08
Rhodium Catalyzed [5+2] CycloadditionA. Bailey03/11/08
Nickel Catalyzed sp3-sp3 CouplingsN. Anderson02/12/08
Interrupted Nazarov CyclizationsM. Burk01/29/08
The Petasis-Ferrier Union/RearrangementL. Wolf01/22/08
Transition Metal-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage (C-C Activation)T. Chang01/15/08


Total Synthesis of Azadirachtin: 22 Years to HarvestN. Werner12/11/07
The Mechanistic Studies of the Wacker OxidationT. Wilson11/27/07
Methodologies for Synthesis of Cyclotryptamine Alkaloids M. Xie11/20/07
A Long-standing Argument Over the Transfer of a Hydride: Inner versus Outer Sphere Mechanisms Involving IminesR. Smith10/16/07
Recent Advances in the Chemistry of AllenamidesN. Duncan-Gould09/25/07
Development of Alkenyldiarylmethanes (ADAMs) as Potential HIV/AIDS TherapeuticsM. Cullen09/18/07
Tohru Fukuyama: Inspiring Nature Through Total SynthesisC. Regens09/11/07
Predicative Design of Stereoinduction in Catalytic, Asymmetric ReactionsW. Collins08/28/07
Development of Chiral Phosphine–Olefin Ligands and Their Use in Asymmetric CatalysisW-l. Duan07/31/07
Synthetic Molecular MotorsW.-j. Chung06/19/07
Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (+)-Nominine: Development of a Dual Cycloaddition Strategy for the synthesis of the Hetisine AlkaloidsK. Peese05/15/07
From Biogenetic Isoprene Rule to Biomimetic Polyene CyclizationJ. Liu05/08/07
Hypervalence and the Search for Pentavalent CarbonM. Burk04/17/07
The aza-Baylis-Hillman Reaction: Mechanism, Asymmetric Catalysis, & Abnormal AdductsL. Wolf04/10/07
Strategies and Synthesis of Contrathermodynamic SpiroketalsT. Chang03/27/07
Application of Planar Chiral Heterocycles in Asymmetric SynthesisN. Werner03/20/07
Comparative Synthesis of IngenolT. Wilson02/27/07
A Survey of Recent Advances in Non-Lewis Acid Catalyzed Catalytic, Enantioselective CycloadditionsN. Duncan-Gould02/20/07
Mechanistic Studies on Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic OxidationsP. Yao01/30/07
Design and Development of Bioactive Compounds: Targeting HIV Protease, Neuronal PDZ, and Anticancer Analogs of HeterolignansJ. Muhuhi01/23/07


The Exegesis of Olefin Metathesis: The Critical Mechanistic Experiments Leading to the [Almost] Complete Understanding of Olefin MetathesisC. Butler12/14/05
Reaction of Alkynes with Amino Chromium Fischer Carbene Complexes and Synthesis of N-HeterocyclesM. Xie11/29/05
Self-Reproduction of Chirality: Development and Application of Butane 2,3-DiacetalsW. Collins11/08/05
Wolfgang OppolzerC. Regens10/18/05
Two or Three Things I Know About Group 8 MetalsS. Ito09/20/05
Organometallic Approach to the Taxane Skeleton Involving New Iron Tricarbonyl ComplexesC. Eggertswyler09/13/05
High Pressure Organic ReactionsJ. Montgomery08/30/05
Total Synthesis of the CP-molecules (Phomoirides A & B)N. Duncan-Gould08/23/05
Synthetic Developments Towards the Preparation of Erythromycin and Erythronolide Derivatives)R. Smith08/09/05
Enantioselective Vinylation of Aldehydes and KetonesW. Chung08/02/05
Total Synthesis of Stephacidin A, Avrainvillamide and Stephacidin BJ. Liu07/26/05
Platinum-Catalyzed Skeletal Rearrangements of Enynes: a New Route to Cyclopropane DerivativesT. Bui07/19/05
Rearrangement of Oxonium and Ammonium YlidesS. Tymonko06/28/05
Synthetic Strategies Toward the Synthesis of TetracyclinesJ. Heemstra06/21/05
Synthetic Approaches to QuinineJ. Baird06/07/05
Zirconium Catalyzed Carboalumination of Alkynes: Mechanisms and ApplicationsN. Duncan-Gould05/31/05
Rhodium Catalyzed Alkyl C-H Insertion ReactionsJ. Kallemeyn05/17/05
Toward the Total Synthesis of (+)-GigantecinB. Eklov04/26/05
N—heterocyclic compounds via Radical Cyclization Reactions: Chemistry of the Imidoyl RadicalT. Wilson04/12/05
Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands in Asymmetric CatalysisP. Yao03/22/05
Halogen-Metal ExchangeR. Baiazitov03/08/05
Sulfur Ylides: Development of Enantioselective and Diastereoselective Epoxidation and Aziridination ReactionsR. Smith02/15/05
Late Transition Metal Catalyzed Intermolecular Hydroamination of AlkenesM. Xie02/08/05
Rhodium Catalyzed C-C bond Forming HydrogenationM. Jo Patten01/25/05
1,2-Metallate RearrangementC. Regens01/18/05


Studies on the Total Synthesis of (-)-ApoptolidinX. Liu11/30/04
Asymmetric Transformations with Chiral Phase Transfer CatalystW. Chung11/16/04
Chiral Bronsted Acid CatalysisJ. Liu11/16/04
Ecteinascidin 743C. R. Butler10/26/04
Chemistry of Propargyldicobalt Cations: The Nicholas ReactionW. Collins09/28/04
Molybdenum-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic AlkylationT. Bui09/14/04
Mechanism of Grignard Reagent FormationJ. Montgomery08/31/04
Enantioselective Free Radical ReactionsM. Ober08/17/04
Zoanthamine AlkaloidsS. Fujimori08/03/04
Organometallics with a Transition Metal-Bonded sp 3-Hybridized Stereogenic Carbon Atom: Development of New Tools for Asymmetric SynthesisJ. Heemstra07/27/04
The Mechanism of Organocuprate Conjugate Additions: The Complexity of Simple SystemsS. Tymonko07/20/04
Development of an Industrial Synthesis of DiscodermolideJ. Baird07/06/04
Synthesis, Structural Aspects and Applications of Planar Chiral (Arene)tricarbonylchromium(0) ComplexesH. Ibrahim06/29/04
Catalytic Electronic Activation and “Borrowing” Hydrogen: New Concepts and C-C Bond FormationM. Edwards06/22/04
Reductive Coupling of AlkynesC. Regens06/01/04
Total Syntheses of ColchicineJ. Kallemeyn05/11/04
Total Synthesis of Ciguatoxin CTX3C, a Causative Toxin of Ciguatera Seafood PoisoningR.l Baiazitov04/27/04
Catalytic Enantioselective a – Hydroxylation of Ketones Using NitrosobenzeneM. Xie04/20/04
Catalysis of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions of NiitronesM. Jo Patten04/06/04
Atropisomer Selective Oxidative CouplingsB. Collins03/02/04
TosylhydrazonesC. Butler02/24/04
Selected Synthesis of RoseophilinT. Bui02/09/04
Select Cascade Biomimetic SynthesisJ. Montgomery01/27/04


Lewis Acid Catalyzed Carbonyl-Ene ReactionM. Ober12/16/03
Total Synthesis of ApoptolidinW. Chung12/09/03
Rearrangement of Allylic Imidates: Development of Asymmetric Catalysts and Application in SynthesisS. Fujimori11/25/03
Highlights of Schmidt Reaction in the Last Ten YearsJ. Liu11/18/03
A Little About the Chemistry of PeroxidesR. Baiazitov11/04/03
The Total Synthesis of TetrodotoxinJ. Heemstra10/28/03
Selected Methods for the Creation of Asymmetric Quaternary Carbon CenterJ. Baird10/21/03
Biosynthetic Diels-Alder Reactions: Do Diels-Alderases Exist?S. Tymonko09/30/03
Transition Metal-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization of Terminal AlkynesT. Bui07/29/03
Asymmetric HydrovinylationJ. Kallemeyn07/15/03
Catalytic Functionalization of sp 3 C-H Bonds Adjacent to a Nitrogen Atom in AlkylaminesT. Asaumi06/24/03
Phosphine Catalyzed ReactionsJ. Montgomery06/24/03
The Memory of Chirality, Mediated by Rotational RestrictionM. Ober05/28/03
Bisindole Alkaloids: The Total Synthesis of (+)-VinbiastineR. Sweis05/20/03
Stereoselective Ring Opening Reactions of meso-Oxabicyclic AlkenesS. Fujimori04/29/03
Silicon Assisted [3+2] CycloadditionsA. Kiefer04/22/03
Solid Phase (Asymmetric) Organic Synthesis: Novelty or Fundamental Concept?G. Beutner04/08/03
Catalytic Asymmetric Pauson-Khand ReactionW.-J. Chung02/25/03
Total Syntheses of Cylindricines, Fasicularin, and (+)-LepadiformineY. Fan02/18/03
Syntheses of Leucascandrolide AJ. Liu02/11/03
A Novel Method of Pyrrolidine SynthesisM. Eastgate01/28/03
The Bounty: Total Synthesis of Callipeltoside AJ. Cottell01/21/03
Structure, Hydroxy- and Aminoalkylation of Titanaallylsulfoximines: Enantioselective Synthesis of Unsaturated a-Amino AcidsM. Schleusner01/14/03


Tandem Bond Forming Strategies Utilizing Brook RearrangementJ. Heemstra12/17/02
Selected Syntheses of LaulimalideS. Tymonko12/10/02
Catalytic Nucleophilic CarbenesJ. Baird11/12/02
AromaticityR. Baiazitov10/29/02
Ynolate ChemistryJ. Kallemeyn10/22/02
Selected Total Syntheses of GelsemineT. Bui10/08/02
Formyl C-H•••O Hydrogen BondsJ. Montgomery09/17/02
Chemical WeaponsT. Miller08/27/02
Mechanism of the Wittig ReactionM. Ober08/20/02
Transannular Diels-Alder Reaction and Its Application in Total Synthesis of FR182877S. Fujimori08/13/02
Copper Catalyzed Allylic Oxidation Kharasch-Sosnovsky ReactionY. Fan07/30/02
Diversity Oriented SynthesisR. Sweis07/23/02
Polypropylene Synthesis: Use of Dynamic CatalystsG. Beutner07/16/02
Ru Catalyzed “Atom Economical” Alkyne-Alkene Coupling Reactions J. Fu07/09/02
The Synthesis of ‘Warhead’ Anticancer AntibioticsJ. Cottell06/25/02
Catalytic Asymmetric Conjugate Additions using Dialkylzinc ReagentsJ. Heemstra05/28/02
Use of Cp 2TiCl in Synthesis: Reagent Control of Radical ReactionsJ. Kallemeyn05/21/02
Asymmetric Hydride-Transfer Reduction of KetonesR. Baiazitov04/23/02
Synthesis of b-Lactones and b-Lactams By Catalytic Asymmetric [2+2] CycloadditionsJ. Baird04/16/02
Novel Synthetic Transformations Mediated by IBX and DMPT. Bui03/26/02
Asymmetric Baeyer-Villiger OxidationsS. Tymonko03/19/02
Recent Advances in Enantioselective AminocatalysisJ. Montgomery02/19/02
Carbanionic Routes to Substituted Tolyl Sulfonamides, Acridones, and 5H-Dibenzo[b,f]azepin-10-onesS. MacNeil02/12/02
Zirconocene Stabilized Benzyne ComplexesM. Ober01/29/02
Zirconocene Stabilized Benzyne Complexes [pdf] M. Ober 01/29/02 (Oxo)vanadium CatalysisT. Miller01/22/02
Enantio- and Regioselective Iridium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution – Mechanism and DevelopmentB. Bartels01/15/02


Part 1: Regiochemistry of Aryl Radical Cyclization onto Methylenecycloalkanes and its Application to Syntheses of Calabar Alkaloids. Part 2: Convenient Synthesis of 3,3,3-Trifluoropropenyl Compounds by means of Fluoride-Mediated Horner-Wittig ReactionT. Kobayashi12/18/01
Catalytic Asymmetric Direct Aldol ReactionsR. Sweis12/11/01
Lewis Acid Catalyzed Hydrometalation and Carbometalation Reactions of Unactivated AlkynesY. Fan11/27/01
Bismuth Reagents in Organic TransformationsS. Fujimori11/13/01
The Mechanism of Chorismate MutaseG. Beutner10/23/01
Configuration Stable Organometallic ReagentsJ. Fu09/25/01
Advances in Stereoselective Friedel-Crafts AlkylationS. Pham09/18/01
Synthetic Approaches Towards AzaspiracidJ. Cottell09/11/01
Palladium Catalysis in Ionic LiquidsB. Nelson08/28/01
Molybdenum Catalyzed Tandem Asymmetric Ring Opening Metathesis/Cross Metathesis ReactionsT. Bui08/21/01
Highlights of the GRC Heterocyclic Compounds 2001J. Cottell/ G. Beutner 08/21/01
Bridgehead Alkenes and the Type 2 Intramolecular Diels-Alder ReactionJ. Montgomery08/14/01
Approaches to the Simultaneous Generation of Vicinal Quaternary StereocentersM. Ober07/24/01
The Chan ReactionT. Miller06/26/01
1,4-Conjugate Additions Using Organoboron CompoundsS. Fujimori06/12/01
On the Isomerization of Allylic StannanesT. Wynn05/15/01
Palladium Catalyzed Asymmetric Syntheses of Chiral AllenesY. Fan05/08/01
Advances in The Synthesis of Diazonamide AR. Sweis04/24/01
The Silylation of Nitro Compounds: Only a Set of Reactions or Synthetic Methodology to Come?A. Tishkov04/24/01
Transition-Metal Assisted Dearomatization of ArenesJ. Cottell04/17/01
Mechanistic Studies of Olefin MetathesisJ. Fu04/10/01
Metal-Fluorine Interactions in Organic SynthesisG. Beutner03/27/01
Rhodium Catalyzed Intramolecular SilylformylationT. Bui03/20/01
Total Syntheses of AsteriscanolideS. Pham02/27/01
Multifunctional Asymmetric Catalysis: Selected Works of Masakatsu ShibasakiJ. Montgomery02/20/01
Catalytic Asymmetric AziridinationM. Christy02/13/01
Gold-Catalyzed ReactionsM. Ober01/30/01
Ionic Liquids: Structure, Properties, & ApplicationsT. Miller01/23/01
Reactions of Thiophenecarbonyls with Samarium Diiodide and their ApplicationsS.-M. Yang01/16/01